Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm going on week 3 of P90X - I haven't done it religiously everyday (I've only had time for 5/7 days a week because of the crazy schedule), so its been about three weeks or so since I started. And I'm starting to feel kind of awesome.

My arms were toned before, but they are looking slightly better (I HATE flabby arms!). My legs are a tiny bit skinnier, but I know they will never been chicken legs - I have muscular thighs and calves and that's never going to change! What I am most excited about is that my stomach is getting toned and I have hints of ab muscles! WOOOO! I noticed that I can do more during the workouts than when I started and I can finally do 2 whole pull-ups. Last summer, I was up to 3, but then the finger debacle happened, and I haven't been able to do any since then. So... its getting there.

Plus, today, I put on my first size 4 pair of dress pants ever. If you are a guy, this may not seem like a big deal, but I've been a steady size 6 for years. My first year of undergrad, since I wasn't swimming or working out that much, I had to bump up to size 8 (EEEEEEK) which was a huge wake up call. Rewind to 4 years earlier - I joined the track team my freshman year of high school and started off as a sprinter because I couldn't run longer distances if my life depended on it - despite being a really good athlete otherwise (swimming, softball, and volleyball). As high school went on, I "graduated" from the 100 to the 200... to the 400... to the 800... and then I actually graduated, so I stopped at the 800. The turning point was one track sprinting workout where I outlasted all our best sprinters - obviously I wasn't as fast, but I had the endurance that they lacked. Coach "encouraged" me to try the 800 and I did much better at the longer distance than the sprint. My favorite workouts began to be the "LSD" runs - Long, Slow, Distance.

Anyway - when I gained that nasty freshman 15, I decided to take up running again and fell in love with distance running. And I haven't looked back. I love love love half-marathons and while I enjoyed my first marathon, I'd like to do more before saying I'm in love with the 26.2 miles :)

Moral of the story - after I finish the 90 days of P90X, I'm going to use those workouts as cross training for running and swimming. If you want to get in shape and not leave the comfort of your home, P90X is pretty awesome. I'm not doing the diet, but I'm eating relatively healthier. Last night, we got BBQ at this awesome place in Urbana and I usually get the massive combo meal with pulled pork, 4 ribs, and 2 sides (mashed potato casserole and sweet potato fries) - I do end up taking leftovers home... usually... But last night, I tried the portabella mushroom burger with pesto and fresh goat cheese from the local goat farm (that I volunteered at briefly) with the side of sweet potato fries. So, I'm still eating the foods that I love, just not in the massive quantities that I do when I'm in heavier training!

Also, a friend of mine from school wants to do a triathlon, so he asked if I'd help him with his stroke - an excuse to get in the pool? Yes please. I'm SO excited to have a swim buddy!


  1. I just got a set of P90x dvds and havent started them yet! Im a little scared! hehehe

  2. Hello, I have followed your blog from Two Pitties in the City. I have a question for you since you are in Vet school at U of I. I was wondering if you could ready my blog post about my basset hound Cleo. My vet seems to think she has Wobbler's Syndrome but most people I know have not heard of many bassets having this. She also has low RBC, low patlets as well. She had some paralysis last week from her mis-alignment of her spine. She has an up down week. I am just trying to some information on how thoughts on Chiropractor/Herb treatments for dogs. We have one in Chenoa, IL that I was thinking about going to. Or do you think I should bring her to U of I. I would welcome any input/suggestions you can give me. Thanks, HoundDogMom (Sherri)

  3. I am addicted to Prairie Fruit Farms goat cheese!!! It is amazing! You'll have to let me know where you guys went to eat cause that portabella burger sounds amazing.

  4. Good job - I've been meaning to try the p90x...maybe I'm finally up for it after a year of heavy cardio and lifting at the gym :)

  5. I"m going to be honest, this is kinda making me want to try it. I hate workout videos, but maybe it's time to give another one a shot!