Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!

Dear Momma P,

First of all, I am so sorry that I couldn't come home this weekend (or even just today). 24 years ago, God decided he would bless you and Daddy with a wonderful, intelligent little girl and you made that little girl believe that she was capable of doing anything in the world that she wanted to do. Well Mom, I decided I wanted to be a vet, and you believed in it more than I did. And now instead of spending mother's day with you, I'm hanging out with my beloved computer, notebook and textbook with my delicious Venti-sized coffee at the library. So the fact that I can't come home for mother's day is actually all your fault.

You are the best mother a kid could ask for. You've given us everything we could ever have wanted and so much more. I'd be willing to bet that you didn't want to spend all your weekends at swim meets, softball games, volleyball games... cheerleading (yikes)... rowing, or the other 1000's of things that we did did growing up. But you and Daddy did, and I love you so much for giving us your time and encouragement and support. I couldn't be where am I today without you and I hope to be able to be that kind of mother when I (eventually) have kids.

Love always,
your daughter.

P.S. I'm still waiting on that pony I always wanted.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last Day of Class

Today is the last day of class. I have to say, the last day of first year is pretty anti-climatic. I mean, I walked in this morning expecting congratulatory signs, streamers, balloons and noise makers. I'll just pretend that they forgot that today was the last day. But actually, we did have a mini potluck where a bunch of us brought in food that we put in the front of the room that the whole class could pick from throughout the day. And then we got out of immunology two hours early. So, it was actually a pretty nice day. I write to you from our last class of Behavior. The reason I can do this is because a good portion of what she says is pretty subjective and her own personal opinion. The rest of the time she is plugging her own books. I realize that the only background I possess in this field is pretty limited, but many of her methods do not make logical sense. For example - if I had a puppy (which, thank God, Jazz is almost 2 years old now) I would chastise it if I caught him/her urinating in the house. I wouldn't allow it to finish and place it calmly outside onto the grass without giving him/her a firm NO. But I digress.

At this point, only 5 finals stand between the first years and freedom. FREEDOM. I guess Behavior counts as a final, and Nutrition is actually open note so... three real finals separate school and summer. I can't wait. We (almost) made it!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finals Woes

Twelve days. That is all that stands between VM 2012 and being second years. I spent the morning in lab, poring over half horse heads and half ox heads and two complete horse heads. Its very Godfather like. I imagine I'll have dreams of waking up in the morning and finding Fancy's head in bed with me. Fancy is/was our pony. Our very dead, reeking of fixative, beloved "race" pony, although we only have her head left to remember her by.

I know that we are all beginning to be at each other's throats, myself included. My patience is wearing very thin, but I hope that we can make it through the next twelve days without killing each other with the 24 size blades we have stashed in our lab drawers. If we can do that, then vacation will be lovely and we can start over in August.

Part of what is stressing me out is my stellar ability to over commit myself. As I wrote that, I remembered that I had an OTS dinner to go to from 5-7 pm today. It is now 8:12 pm. Oops.

Anyway, I had treatments for Wildlife on Friday plus orphan feedings that night. Now, I really enjoy Wildlife usually, but at the end of this past week, the last thing I wanted to do was go back to school at 8 pm after being out at the farm for a couple hours with the dogs. But I did and I did my first Wildlife related euthanasia on an orphan bunny that was dehydrate and probably hypoglycemic. That poor little guy just wasn't going to make it and I helped him get to bunny heaven to meet up with his momma (which is probably the reason the entire litter ended up dying later that night as well). At least they weren't stolen orphans. I feel bad for those little guys that get brought in because someone thinks they were abandoned when that is usually not the case.

Que sera, sera.