Thursday, July 12, 2012

Still alive.

So many things. 1. I graduated vet school. I am a doctor. 2. I've been working for 8 weeks now. I started the day after graduation. I worked 65+ hour weeks for the first 7 weeks. 3. I haven't been working out consistently due to foot injury... which was recently diagnosed as a "baby bunion". it also means marathon training was put on hold. 4. We moved to the country - I can't see any other houses from my house, just horses, deer, dogs, and cows. 5. I didn't have internet for 6 weeks after graduation. See #4. 6. I also didn't have a working phone for 6 weeks after graduation. See #4. 7. I still don't have cable. See #4. 8. I learned I need the internet to destress and be happy. Apparently I have a technological addiction. I also realized how much I stay in touch with friends and family via email/facebook - it was a little lonely there for awhile. But I'm back! I finally have a decently normal schedule (only 45-50 hours/week and a day off during the week!). I'll have lots of veterinary stories, lots of veterinary "firsts", and more blogs about training. I'm going to try to get back into triathlon this year, putting less pressure on my feet/knees. It also means I'll get to swim more, which is one of the great loves of my life. A mini vet summary of my first eight weeks: 1. diagnosed my first mast cell tumor via FNA 2. diagnosed horner's syndrome on an 8 yr old golden 3. euthanized my first patient (and a few more after that...) 4. palpated an abdominal mass on a recheck hyperthyroid cat appointment... GI lymphoma most likely. 5. diagnosed multiple hyperthyroid kitties 6. etc. etc. etc. learned lots. I'll be back :)


  1. You're back! I'm excited to hear more about vet life. I do commend you for going so long without the Internet...I have an Internet addiction too.

  2. grr...just posted a comment & stoopid blogger lost it!

    wanted to say congratulations on all those exciting life events!

    & btw, don't forget to update your profile now that you are no longer a 4th year vet student!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. I have JUST found this site and of course Ill start my very own blog but I need some advice and you seem to be the perfect person to give it. Besides the average worries of losing a 3.5+ GPA, I am up late, dying of concerns about repaying loans!! I am an undergrad pre-veterinary med student and Ill meet vet school in about 2 years. What is your advice on taking out loans (currently have about $20,000 in loans; vet school will be done in loans as well), repaying them as a veterinarian and the veterinary job market currently????? I will be doing large and small animal practice. Pleeeeease help me!--super stressed.

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  5. Congrats on graduation. Mine got delayed till last month, and with adding on a year of grad school I haven't done any doctorish things aside from educating random med students on parasites. So good job on diving into it!