Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Beginning

I feel like I spend most of my life in jail. By jail, I mean the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine Basis Sciences Building. Basically, its a really long way of saying what every vet student is really thinking... JAIL. or PRISON, I supposed, because we are here for the long term. I make it sound worse than it is (slightly), but when the weather is 70 degrees and sunny, and you are enjoying it from your vantage point at a table next to the window, peering out between the blinds at the library... its a little depressing. Especially when you begin debating walking outside to throw a frisbee around versus memorizing the six injections you need for a nerve block in the hindlimb digit in a horse. Or can you do only four injections... whatever the answer, the end result doesn't change: Frisbee: 0, Horse Nerves: 1

Welcome to my world. I may be the worst person that I know at keeping in touch with my loving family and faithful friends, so I'm opening this window into my life. Maybe there are also some future vet students or even current vet students that will be able sympathize with me and maybe have a few laughs. I'm not sure this will be all that inspiring for any of you that may be planning a career in veterinary medicine, but if you want the realities, I think I'm good for that much. So... enjoy!


  1. Thank you so much for your blog. I am considering vet school. I am currently finishing up my pre-reqs and I am going to take the technician exam in the meantime. I'm really excited to apply for vet school and Im thankful to have blogs like this to read and imagine myself in the same shoe! Thanks so much for this =)

  2. To add: I'm at work now practicing my PCVs and other inhouse labwork. I do overnights for the emergency hospital. I'm to excited about this aspect of my life and I really hope I make it into vet school.