Thursday, April 23, 2009

Renal Failure

Tomorrow is the first renal exam. To say I'm dreading it is the understatement of the era. For whatever reason, physiology exams make me physically ill. Nauseous even. My head starts pounding, my cheeks turn red, I feel light-headed. Its how I imagine I would feel if I were on my way to the electric chair. Or a good lynching.

I think its funny that when I take these exams, my hypochondria kicks in and I start experiencing signs of illnesses that are being described on the test itself. During cardio, I was definitely tachycardic. During respiratory, I felt pulmonary edema start to kick in. I'm psyching myself up to experience early signs of renal failure beginning somewhere around 9 am tomorrow. I'll just infuse myself with 60 some odd liters of a glucose and .45% NaCl solution. No? Damn, I should probably get back to studying.

On a happier note, we turned in our second biomechanics exam today. I'm almost positive that I will just about ace this class while learning absolutely nothing new. Aside from maybe my incredible showing in art history senior year, I'm not sure I've been able to claim this before. I'm strangely proud of this achievement.

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  1. Ya! the vet drama queen is very tough on herself and she is loving every minute of it.
    She has some very proud parents.