Friday, August 21, 2009

Where did summer go?

How is it possible that school starts in three days? I'm not in any kind of mindset to sit in class for countless hours and sit in the library for many more hours most days of the week... but I'll get there. This week has flown by. I finished putting the notes up (if I have to format them any more than how they already are I may cry) and have had only a couple of complaints which I cleared up right away, so hopefully we are golden for Monday.

Last night I got my haircut by a friend and she did a great job! I'm loving it. But then I came home and the shower was broken so we turned the water off completely because the shower doesn't turn off if the water is on... So no water for awhile... hopefully the fix-it guy can come today and get this sorted out. Only because I want to take a shower and see my new hair in all its glory.

Tonight is the big/little sib ice cream social. I'll probably take it easy tonight and have one last hurrah on saturday before the grind starts. But I've been so tired lately. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I feel like a bum for taking off early when we all get together and hang out, but all I want is to lay down and sleep. BOO.

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