Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Going to the chapel!

I'm engaged! It is so weird to say that out loud... in cyberspace... I can hardly believe it. I keep looking down at my finger and seeing this gorgeous, sparkling ring and all I can think about is that I am so lucky. It made it really hard in class this morning when a handful of people were chatting with me on gmail and half the class was wishing us congratulations on facebook! We don't know when we are going to get married, as vet school makes things difficult to plan around. So it will most likely be October or November of next year... or sometime in 2012. Kind of a big difference!

Class is... going. I'm having difficult finding the motivation to study and get on top of things. We've been really good about working out and running and I would much rather keep doing that than devote any time to studying... but I should probably start. I made a list of things to do tonight to get a jump on things and hopefully can stick with the plan. However, I'm going to celebrate the rest of the week so if I don't get a lot of studying done, too bad!

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