Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm a bad blogger.

It has been five months since my last post. It is crazy how time flies by! I've become addicted to reading other blogs - ranging from triathlon training to other vet school students to vets to... cake wrecks. Which is strange, but everytime I walk into a grocery store, I try to find cake wrecks to submit to the blogger. I really need more things to do in life... like update my own blog!

Second semester is hell. I'm not going to sugar coat it or answer the "How is vet school going?" question with "Great! I love it!" It sucks. But spring break two weeks away and then the semester is halfway over. In fact, I write this while sitting in one of my favorite libraries on campus, attempting to study virology. Virology is one of those -ologies that no one really cares about because it is taught poorly, the material is incredibly dry, and the faculty drive me crazy. I am the electronics notes representative of our class. Which means that at the beginning of the semester, I am in charge of uploading all of the notes submitted by the faculty for the upcoming semester. Usually this means that once the semester begins, I shouldn't have too much to do since everything should be done ahead of time. FALSE. Many of them don't follow deadlines or fail to submit ANYTHING before the semester begins. This makes me crabby - but I still do my job. The thing that makes me frustrated is when the class gets crabby with me for not having notes. Or for not having them in the right place. Or for not putting up audio files on iTunes (which is absolutely not my job and I have no idea who is actually in charge).

However, I did get a very nice thank you card from the class this past week - along with a gift card to the local coffee shop. Which makes me want to take back everything I just wrote... but people still get annoyed with notes and that gets passed on to me, so I know the complaining will never truly stop, but hopefully it subsides a bit.

Oh the trials and tribulations of second year. I haven't even begun to share the drama that involves our class on a daily basis... but that is for a later day.

Until then, viruses are bad. Vaccinate your pets. The end.

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