Saturday, September 25, 2010

Third Year Life Update

First real round of exams coming up next week. Avian Med/Renal (why they put those two subjects in one class together I don't know), Anesthesiology/Fluids, and Toxicology. We already took one CAM (Companion Animal Med) exam and I did decent on it (studied for a total of one day or so and KJ and I were dying of colds at the same time) so I'm not too worried about avian/renal. Tox will be a difficult one just because I don't love straight up memorization. I made a really scary excel chart comparing all the toxins so I only need to memorize 20 pages of size 10 font. No big deal.

Finger is doing decent. Okay, actually it really sucks not to be able to bend my finger like I used to, but therapy is going all right and they tell me it is slowly improving. We started large animal palpation two weeks ago (equine and bovine) so I get to palpate with my right hand instead of my left but its not a huge inconvenience. I enjoy palpation - I can honestly say I have never been up to my shoulder in the rectum of anything before, nor have I been projectile urinated/defecated on - truly a humbling experience - but I like it! Its a like a puzzle inside the rectum of an animal - trying to find cervix, uterine horns, ovaries, follicles, caruncles, etc. Oh the world of therio - it is a nice way to end my week. I'll probably be complaining when the weather turns and I am layered up under my bibs trying to stay warm, but hey - no one ever called veterinary medicine glamorous!

Here is an update on the fur kids:Benjamin at the farm (note KJ in the background).

Quoddy being helpful... and throwing my highlighters on the floor.

My dogs that believe they are cats by sitting on the back of the sofa.

Align LeftI call Marley (the fish) Pacino-TV. He just discovered the fish that has been there for over a year.

The loves of my life. I need to take some better pictures of them! Wish me luck on the exams. I'll probably be posting more, seeing as it is exam time and I need ways to avoid studying. Cheers!

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