Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I'm a third year... now what?

Third year has started - which means we have no more big breaks between now and graduation. We still have the standard Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks, but Winter Break is cut down to two weeks and summers off are now just a memory. May 2012, are you here yet?

The classes so far have been MUCH more interesting than the last two years. I am loving intro to surgery and actually doing something with my hands other than typing, highlighting, and writing notes. It is hard to keep our schedule straight - since it can vary from week to week depending on lab schedules and what not - but I enjoy the labs a lot. We have theriogenology this semester - so we get to palpate and preg check and ultrasound and all sorts of good stuff - most of which I'll never do again on production animals, but some of it should correlate to dogs and cats. It has been little tough with all the hands on work since I broke my finger in July. Broke my finger you ask? Doesn't sound so bad!... until you see the x-rays. I fractured my proximal phalanx on my left middle finger. "Fractured" meaning I broke it into 3 or 4 pieces (a nasty spiral fracture accompanied by a large piece of bone no where near where it was supposed to be) that had to be put back together surgically with a metal plate and four screws. Needless to say, my dexterity has decreased significantly and its really obnoxious to deal with. I actually fractured my index finger as well on that hand - but the surgeon said not to worry about it, and it has healed quite nicely. I'm in the process of doing rehab on the middle finger... stay tuned...

Anyway, our class is drama as always. Choosing seats in a lecture hall shouldn't be a cause for confrontation and ridiculous behavior. That being said, I do like my seat. Last row... *cough, caudal club, cough*... but I'm not going to fight someone over it and if I get to class late and someone else is chilling in my seat, I'll go sit somewhere else. No big deal.

Lastly, KJ and I have been engaged for a year today! We had date night at our favorite sushi restaurant in town and we dressed up and looked adorable and had a fabulous time eating sushi and drinking expensive drinks :)

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