Monday, June 28, 2010

Typical Morning Shenanigans...and a Lesson in Pet Care

I may be the electronic notes representative for our class, but I just learned how to post pictures to my blog. You can start judging me... now.

These are the furry children from the left on a typical morning: Pacino, Quoddy, Jasmine, Ben (and KJ's face)

Ben sleeps like a little person...

They get super cuddly when its cold out and the fleece sheets are on the bed!

True puppy love.

I love these guys like no other. They make us smile and are constantly entertaining us. I know not everyone is as lucky as we are to have two dogs and two cats that genuinely enjoy each other's company - I know that we are lucky. When I have a tough day at school and open the door to see them all cuddling on the couch, it reminds me why I do what I do.

Veterinary medicine is very challenging, yet so rewarding. This summer has been a good lesson in trials and tribulations that go along with a high volume clinic, but I never doubt how much these doctors care about their patients and the lengths that they go to to help the animals and their owners. This afternoon I had a rude awakening that not all owners see their dogs as part of their family. We had an incredibly adorable and young cocker spaniel in for grooming who was a very nervous nellie and marked "careful". She bit one of the kennel girls and looked so pitifully scared while sitting in her kennel. When the owner came to pick her up, I got her out of her kennel (bite-free!) and brought her to the front while sweet talking her the entire time. She took one look at the owner and tried to run back to the kennel. I handed him the leash and he proceeded to grab her and shove her into a cat carrier that was never meant to hold anything larger than a 10 pound cat. This sweet 25-30 pound cocker spaniel couldn't stand up, turn around, or MOVE at all inside that small space. Poor baby. No wonder she acts the way she does. It really bothered me the rest of the day and although this isn't a huge problem - I just wonder how she gets treated at home...

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