Friday, April 22, 2011

It is official - We are 4th years!

Finals are over and we survived (so far)! We are still waiting on grades from our last 2 finals (radiology and large animal surgery) - but so far, so good. I may have a C in special small animal surgery (haven't calculated the final grade yet), but I'd be okay with a D as long as I get to be a fourth year!

Our white coat ceremony was very nice - it is weird to think that that will be the last time we are all together as a group for awhile. It is a little sad... I can't believe the last three school years have gone so quickly - I never fully appreciated it... or the people. I hope this year goes well - I also can't believe in just over a year, I will be a real veterinarian. How incredible is that?

Since I am off for A block, I have a lot of awesome things planned. Tomorrow, Kyle and I are working our last official Saturday morning before 4th year starts. After that, I'm headed to my family's house to meet mom for a wedding shower for a family friend. Then, we are headed to Chicago to meet A and E from Two Pitties. After all this time blogging and emailing and what not, I'm really excited to meet them and Ms. M and Mr. B! After everything they have done for us and for Shy/Khloe, it will be very neat to meet them in person.

Sunday is Easter and my brother will be home! We get to spend Easter together as a family! I am SO excited! I am also planning a mini egg hunt at our house at school as a surprise for KJ and the pups :)

Monday, I am meeting the pups that we are helping - I can't wait to meet them in person! After that, I'm headed to Minnesota to visit friends that I haven't seen in a LONG time - I'll be back Thursday, doing a cat spay on Friday, running a 5K on Friday and then... MARATHON SATURDAY! It is finally here! And it is close enough that I can check the weather forecast - for some reason, that always makes races real for me. They are predicting light showers and 56 degrees - I'm totally okay with that. If the light showers don't show up, I'll be more fine with that - I just don't like running in soggy shoes or socks!

So much going on! I'll update with a more in-depth post soon :)


  1. Congrats!!! Have a great time in Chicago! It's always fun when you get to meet fellow bloggers for the first time!! It makes the connections we have created online even more special!!!

    Happy Easter!!

    Jess & Lilo

  2. You lucky duck you get to meet Ms. M and Mr. B say hello from us here in Cali

  3. We're just catching up on blogs...we are so excited to meet you too, and excited for you to meet the pups! And I can't believe your marathon is so soon. It must have been so hard to balance training and vet school.

  4. Congrats!!!! As an incoming first year, I'm jealous! :)

  5. What a bright future ahead of you - both near and far future! I'm so excited for you - Congratulations. Please send A and E and the kiddos our love :)