Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things I learned today...

... about running. Backstory: So, I've been on this self-imposed running hiatus since the marathon at the beginning of May. I was nursing a strained butt muscle from the marathon and decided I needed a little break with clinics starting and what not. Well, I'm back and I'm not taking it slowly like I should. Case in point - today was my first real run since the marathon. The temperature was a cool 70ish degrees, the sky was cloudy and gray, it was sort of lovely running weather. I got home around 5:30ish and immediately put running clothes on and headed out.

Things I learned today about running:
1. Do NOT start your first run in almost 2 months with the goal of beating your world record time for your favorite out-and-back route.
2. Do NOT continue running AWAY from your house when it starts raining and the sky turns black just because you are on pace to break your world record time.
3. Do NOT smile because running in the pouring rain is hilarious to you. People will judge you and think you are weird.
4. Do NOT wear your super awesome hot pink Illinois marathon running shirt when you are obviously out of shape. You will look like an asshole.
5. DO go home and cool down by walking your dogs since it will stop raining as soon as you get near the house. They need the exercise as much as you do and you can't keep avoiding the two pairs of beautiful brown eyes that are begging you for quality time on leashes.
6. DO let the neighborhood kids play with your incredibly handsome black and white pittie. It is way too adorable when they ask if he is really a Steelers fan because he sports the matching collar.

Overall, really glad to be running again. I'd almost forgotten what a huge stress reliever it is. I can't wait to start training and build up my mileage again.

Anyway, in vet life, I learned how to dry off dairy cows this morning. It was really neat to do and I realized that I really do like working with cows and large animals. In fact, my surgery from Tuesday (my steer calf) and I have finally come to an agreement. He is one of the laziest animals I have ever met and spends more time laying down than any other steer in the ward. So instead of putting him in the headgate (which he hates), I just let him stay laying down and he lets me do what I want. Today, he nuzzled me. It was freaking adorable.

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