Saturday, December 11, 2010


As I last mentioned, Ruminant health is slowly killing me. We had a "review" last night (sweet 1.5 hour review on a Friday Night) and we were given our exams back as well as our fluid therapy assignment. After all my bitching, I actually got a 10/10 on it... but that's besides the point because apparently I got a 2/10 in our ruminant parasitology lab.

Lets go back to a few weeks ago to said lab. We enter and are told that this is "laid-back" and all we have to do is "put our names on it and we'll get full credit" and that we "don't even have to do all the stations if we don't want to". So my little group of 5 did all the stations as best we could without notes and laptops (since we didn't know we would need them) - half the groups had notes out, the other half was like us. Then this week, we get lab grades posted - 42/50... damn it parasitolgy, you weren't supposed to be graded! My reaction = whatever, at this point, I'm cool with just passing. I'm all for large animal medicine, but my love of steak and milk outweighs my interest in treating them medically.

Fast forward now to last night's review. Our class rep very tactfully asks the course coordinator (the only faculty member at the review) about this grading mishap. He sort of implies that he can go and change those grades since we were told it wouldn't be graded and since he is the one with the computer and power. Moving on to the review... But like I mentioned, he usually isn't organized or prepared, so he runs to his office to grab some papers.

Now enters Dr. F - the parasit man and the man responsible for half of the new material on our upcoming final. A girl in our class raises her hand and mentions this lab grading issue again in a very antagonistic manner. And. Wouldn't. Drop. It. Finally, he gets pissed (and rightfully so, in my opinion) and says something along the lines of "I was at a conference this past week and without being handing notes or powerpoints, I was able to take away information and implement those idea already this week." Without a pause, a guy in the front row says, "And how long have you been in practice?" with an attitude.


The class gets uncomfortably silent and Dr. F responds with, "I'm not even going to go there with you."

Come on guys, this man is writing our exam. More importantly, this man is a respected clinician that we will be working with next semester and next year in clinics. Use your heads! Do you honestly think we as a class deserve their time and respect when we are acting like children? Yes, my group got a 2/10... we probably deserved it... and yes, we were told it wouldn't be graded. Instead of dropping the issue like the professionals we are aspiring to be - we drag the issue out like children and get slapped in the face.

I was so angry last night and embarrassed to be a part of this nonsense, as were many of my friends that I was sitting with. This isn't the first time situations like this have come up and it won't be the last time... but I wish people would learn to have a little common sense, a little common courtesy, and a little tact.

Glad I got that off my mind :) Work today was fun, took some videos and pictures of the little pittie at the animal hospital that is in need of a home. She is a diabetic and going blind and cannot live with cats - so it is sort of a tall order to ask of her future owners... but we are looking because she is a complete sweetheart and I absolutely adore her. Unfortunately, KJ and I have cats... or I would take her in an instant.

Have a wonderful weekend! Hope the weather is better elsewhere (we have storms - snow AND rain) coming up in the next two days... it is the perfect weekend to stay home and watch movies and snuggle with animals!

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  1. I really hate when people act like that. There are only 2 or 3 people in my class who consistently act like 5-year-old jerks, and 2 of them pretty much have no friends left besides each other! I'm not sure if they're self-aware enough to figure out WHY that's the case. Fortunately, it seems like they've gotten a reputation among the faculty for being difficult, and they don't seem to hold it against the rest of the class when something like that happens.

    It makes me feel REALLY badly for the faculty, though -- they generally bend over backwards to help us out, make things as logistically easy for us as they can, spend extra time if someone needs help with something, and are VERY tolerant of some very bad behavior (it makes me think they all must have been preschool teachers before joining the vet school faculty!) -- and it really bothers me when someone gives them a hard time.