Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas Break!

Finals ended beautifully. I ended up with only 1 "C" (in equine medicine... this is why I will OWN horses, not treat them!)... because my "C" in Ruminant health turned into a "B"... a holiday miracle! I actually pulled off an "A" in Large animal surgery, which is awesome and I'm really happy about it! All in all, it turned out pretty great - that is, studying for the cumulative finals the day before :) whoops! I'll try to do better with studying next semester...

Christmas was awesome - I am a very, very lucky girl and got to open a ton of awesome gifts - I'm so excited to bust out my new running tights and clothes when the weather gets a tiny bit warmer and the snow melts a little. We spent Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas day with KJ's family - two Christmases!!! So much fun. Plus the animals were really spoiled this year - lots of treats, toys, new beds for the kitties, etc. Our friend NO bought Ben a fantastic wifebeater tank that says "I heart bitches". It is so perfect for him - he is so mellow and stoic and a such a good, sweet boy :)

Our plans for this week are wedding planning, and RELAXING! Playing video games, watching How I Met Your Mother and Grey's Anatomy and RELAXING. I will be ready on Monday to go back for our last semester of class EVER and I'm excited for what this new year is going to be bringing... We are getting married in 10 months... EEEEEEK!

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