Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Homestretch and Hospitals

6 finals down. 4 of which were cumulative. Tomorrow (Anesthesia) is cumulative too and worth 45% of the grade - but I have a solid A and don't care if I end up with a B! So take that vet school!

I still have my sanity (somewhat) after this hellish, awful week. Finals everyday for a week and a half? Fun! I haven't cried, I haven't freaked out, I haven't had a meltdown - wait - I DID cry watching a rerun Grey's anatomy episode Tuesday while fiance and I ate lunch between study sessions... (it was the one in the second season where the mom won't tell her teenage daughter that she has cancer and is dying - so at the end she tells her in a way that she gives her daughter life advice until the daughter asks why - heartbreaking... not good to watch when I'm at my breaking point).

So to celebrate what I hope was a decent Large animal surgery exam - I came home and made this delicious pasta that Life in Vet School made a few days ago.

Heavenly... words can't describe. Especially after the pizza/cereal/tuna fish sandwich combinations that I've been throwing in my mouth this week. My poor over-caffeinated, exercise deprived body is freaking out right now - but I soothed her over with pasta and clams. I think I can make it until tomorrow when I can run stress my stresses away! I'm not a cook, but it seemed too easy not to try - I didn't have fresh clams, but the sauce was very tasty, and I'll be eating it for dinner tonight because KJ doesn't like clams (score!).

I'm feeling a little apprehensive about today and studying though - I know I need to do it - but at 1 pm I have a doctor's appointment that I'm not looking forward to. Last year, during finals, I found out that I had HPV. Not only that, but that I had high risk HPV - so they made me immediately come in for a colposcopy in order to take some biopsies. DURING FINALS WEEK. As if I wasn't stressed enough. Turns out I have cervical dysplasia - nothing pre-cancerous or (god willing) cancerous, but not completely normal. So if you have a couple fingers to spare and aren't already crossing them for yourselves, cross your fingers that this goes alright and hasn't progressed into something more. I don't need anymore hospital time and visits after my mangled finger this year!

If you are taking finals this week too - GOOD LUCK! If you aren't, then count yourselves lucky :)

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  1. Yay! I'm so happy you made the spaghetti and clams!!! Now I'm wishing I had some leftovers -- maybe I'll ask MM to stop on the way home and pick up the ingredients.

    I had a colposcopy due to high-risk HPV years ago. I had to go for Pap smears 4x a year until I had (I think) 2 normals, and everything resolved itself within a year. I've had no problems since then. I don't remember the stats that I researched back then, but I've had a couple of Gyns comment to me since then that it's extremely common in women in their 20s, and that the VAST majority resolve spontaneously and never progress to anything worse.

    But I'll cross my fingers anyway! (I have 2 on my left hand that I'm not using for my Medicine final tomrrow) :)