Friday, December 3, 2010

Ruminant Health

It is one of our core classes this semester and it is giving me the most trouble. Mostly because the notes are completely disorganized (if we even have them at all) and the faculty in charge are terrible lecturers. For example, we were given a really extensive assignment a couple of days ago that was due today in lab. The clinician really stressed the importance of it and that we needed to work INDEPENDENTLY by making a questionable threat via email to us. Apparently, it should have taken 3 hours max to do it. Around hour 4, I started getting irritated and the quality of my work definitely decreased. Why weren't we given it before break to work on it? Because he is too disorganized to get it together. So while we should be studying for the 6 finals coming up, we are struggling through a pointless assignment that is unrealistic. And that I don't are about since I will never treat a cow. Anyway, so at 10:30 this morning when lab was beginning, we had all turned in our problems at the front of the room and sat down. 10:35 passes... 10:40 passes... finally he shows up over 10 minutes late with no apology or explanation. Of course, for the first 3o minutes (of a 1.5 hour lab), he starts discussing some other random case that we weren't assigned to do. Plus he was completely unprepared to actually "discuss" the cases we had actually done. He considered running back to his office to get a copy of the cases, but decided to wing it. THIS is a professional curriculum? If my entire class is on time to lab, shouldn't the faculty be required to do the same? Shouldn't they be required to be prepared for class?

Side note - we have multiple faculty members that come to class late and then keep us during our 10 minute break. I (and many others) use that break to use the bathroom and grab something to drink... please don't take that away from us.

So many other things to rant about in relation to the faculty and curriculum at this god-awful school, but that will wait until another day. Have I mentioned how much school sucks right now?

I'm off to cuddle with piglets at the swine farm. Happy Friday!

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