Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Saturdays

First of all, I've been checking the ChipIn page multiple times a waking hour and I'm speechless by how much was donated in one day - almost 50%. ALMOST HALF. IN ONE DAY. Can you believe that? And my vet school friends have been so generous on top of that. I know they don't have money, but the little that they have to spare, they gave to Shy. It sounds very silly, but I can't wait to go to work today and see her, and tell her what you all have done for her. Obviously, I know she can't understand me... but I wish she did. She is such a sweet, loving lady and deserves a great family - Are you out there future family???

KJ and I work every Saturday at the animal hospital (and occasionally during the week if they need a hand and we don't have class (okay, lets be honest - we skip class to help). I thought I would hate working every Saturday - I used to sleep in when KJ would go to work and I'd have the entire morning to myself. But at work, I get to apply what I'm learning in school every Saturday. I get to play "Puppy Doc" for four hours and practice what I'll eventually be doing. KJ and I have been getting more responsibility and opportunities to "practice" vet med - if we are free, we get to handle suture removals, nail trims, x-rays, etc. I think we make a pretty good team. Which is nice, because we'll be working very closely together for the next 30 some years!

After work and lunch today, we'll be headed to the library to begin the studying extravaganza. Did the administration not realize that February 6th is Superbowl Sunday? Did they not realize that I am about to marry the biggest Steelers fan on the planet? I'm sure if they had, our exam schedule would be far different - who doesn't love Superbowl Sunday? Football, food, beer... Puppy Bowl VII. Unfortunately, we have our Small animal surgery exam on Monday, Radiology on Wednesday, and Cardio on Thursday. Kind of a tough week, but it looks like this will be the worst one all semester. It doesn't even compare to the multiple 4+ exam weeks of years past! I guess we also have our take home Nutrition exam to do (which is pretty simple) and we had our take home Swine exam due yesterday. We also have a Large animal surgery quiz due and our requests for 4th year rotations due Monday... I've done everything except take the exams, but there are people in our class freaking out about it all. Its really not THAT bad, but they complain and that is why our class has the reputation that it does. Unfortunately, the ones that bitch and moan vocalize their opinions, while the rest of us just sit quietly... I know that this is part of what Facebook is for, but it gets tiring to see people complain about EVERYTHING :)

Anyway, keep up the donations! And passing along the link (you all are fabulous for doing that too!). And if you or someone you know are looking for a wonderful dog to become part of your family, please let me know. She's ready and waiting for you.

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  1. We would love to post your needs and Chipin on our blog. Please

    Doreen, Kiko, Millie and Riley