Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our girl found herself a home!

Update from Shy's new home: Did great in the car during the hour + drive to her new digs. She was a little overwhelmed at first (completely expected), but eventually settled down and has taken to her new place and new crate with a comfy new bed. She has a new collar and everything - lucky girl, she deserves to be spoiled as much as humanly possible. Her new people did great giving her insulin this morning as well - Shy is an angel for it as long as she has some kibble to munch on!

Pictures as promised:

The staff saying good-bye and giving kisses to Shy Shy. You can see how much we love her!

Her new people :)

Last night I also met a young guy who brings his handsome black and white pit bull to the animal hospital. He is enlisted in the Army and set to go south for basic training in the next couple months, so he is desperate and doesn't know what to do with his pup. His dog is young and rambunctious, but a pretty nice dog - so he has that going for him. I have been trying to get involved with a rescue that works directly with military men and women to foster their dogs when they are away on leave, both foreign or domestic, so I emailed him the sites that he can contact to (hopefully) get set up. I feel like lately my life has just revolved around placing pit bulls in homes, not vet school, but its okay for now. I'd love to get much more involved in the future (i.e. after graduation) in these organizations - so hopefully I can return some favors for you all that have been so generous to Shy.

Vet school drama time: So we have these numbers that are used to post our grades after exams. That way, we can all check our grades, but keep it anonymous at the same time. Yesterday, our pretty cool radiology doc emailed us a list of the class and where we would be taking our radiology exam tomorrow (it is taken on computers in the labs). She accidentally included all of our "secret" numbers in with that list - so we all became in possession of each others secret numbers.

Oh my gosh, it was like the world was ending.

Within 5 minutes, she said she received 28 emails informing her of this awful, terrible, huge, grave mistake. People literally had meltdowns about it. People of the vet school world - no one cares what your grades are except you. Frankly, I don't care if you are last in the class or first. And if people do actually care - they really need something better to occupy their time and worry about. Because of this tragedy, we all got assigned new numbers. Which will be null and void in about 2 months anyway... even though my paper says I'll need it for the next three years. Administration, you could have taken 6 seconds to revise that paper to make it look like you are actually sending it to the third year class and not the first year class... but I digress.

Well world, my new number is 3363. Yikes! I said it out loud! People might see this! I don't care who knows my grades because I'm still here. I will graduate in 2012 and I will get the same degree as the person ranked number 1 in the class and the person ranked 123 in the class. I fall exactly in the middle - and its a pretty sweet place to be.

Enough drama for today. Who would like to learn about radiology? Anyone? Anyone? Tough, because I don't really know anything. But in a sick sort of way, I'm enjoying sitting in the quiet library with my Starbucks Venti Cinnamon Dulce latte... even if I'm not actually studying at the moment.


  1. My vet school class would have done the exact same thing!

  2. Yeah for all the pit bull rescue work. It can be so time consuming,but well worth it. I never even thought about what happens to dogs when people are enlisted. I'm excited to hear more about how Shy's doing.

  3. Oh my god, I feel ya on the vet school drama thing! I just wrote a post about it on my blog as well. Glad to find another vet student blog, as always!! :)

  4. So glad to see Shy got a home!!! We are so happy for her!! There are days when you feel like rescue work will consume you whole. The trick is to learn balance, but it's not easy. Take it from me. I've been volunteering for almost 3 years and I'm still working on finding a balance!! Keep up the good work!!!


    Jess & Lilo

  5. Congratulations to Shy on finding her fur-ever home. :)

    Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  6. I've run into the enlistment issue and dogs before. Luckily, there's always been a family member to take on the pup. Cheers to you for helping...like I said before, the landmark f a good vet ;)
    As far as the numbers go, it's funny to think of all that hysteria when there are so many more important things to worry about!
    And Super Cheers to Shy!!

  7. Thank you - that means a lot! And Shy is doing great at her new place!