Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update on Shy!

I messaged the family that was taking Shy for a trial run... and I think they are now her family! 6 months ago, Shy came in to the animal hospital weighing 28 pounds. She was a full grown, three year old intact female that had recently had puppies. She actually weighed just over half of what her normal, healthy weight should have been. No, it wasn't all her previous owners' fault, but they should have realized that she was very sick (rapid weight loss is never normal) and should have been feeding her the correct food and correct amount of food. Her hair fell out whenever you touched her. Instead of a shiny red hair coat, she wore a dull, patchy brown one. The reason for her overall poor health was partially due to neglect and partially due to undiagnosed diabetes. Because her owners couldn't afford to take care of a diabetic dogs (or a dog in general), they opted to euthanize her. Despite her condition when she walked in the door that day, she was still had that gorgeous pittie smile and butt-shaking tail wag. So, the vets decided to ask the owners to relinquish her to the animal hospital instead - meaning that the animal hospital would then own her and her previous owners would give up any and all rights to her. That day, and in the days following, the staff began to fall in love with her. She was finally given healthy food, twice daily insulin injections, and a warm, safe place to sleep where she would always be taken care of. This is all well and good for a temporary fix - a kennel is no place to spend the rest of an animal's life. Six months later, we finally found a couple to take a chance on her and see how she would fit into their lives, and she into theirs.

They love her.

Last night, they told me that she has been fantastic for them and is settling in quite nicely. Little did we know that she would become a little Houdini, learning how to escape out of her crate. In spite her vision loss, she did fine in the house while alone and enjoyed her freedom I'm sure. She has gone on trips to Petsmart, where her family spoiled her like she deserves and was a great girl while on lead in public. She also met her first small dog, nose-to-nose. No aggression at all (thank God!) - and she behaved just like a proper lady should.

How awesome is this? I'm a huge sap, as you should know by now, but I feel tears coming on just thinking about how close she came to being euthanized, and how resilient of a creature she truly is. She never lost her gorgeous pittie smile through all that she went through and finally, FINALLY, she is in a place that she will be loved and feel safe for the rest of her life.

Her family is sending pictures, so when I get those, I will be sure to share them! Until then, please continue to spread the word on her surgery - we are almost 2/3 of the way there - hopefully this loveable lady will be able to see again by summertime!


  1. This is so exciting! I've been meaning to send you an email about fundraiser part II I was thinking about..

  2. Great news!! You're not a huge sap, I think anyone would feel emotional upon hearing this story! :)

  3. Totally Awesome. Can't wait to see some pictures of her. Sniffs, The HoundDogs