Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunshine and Sushi

It. Is. Beautiful. Outside.

Beautiful in the kind of way that makes runners drool over the sunny skies and prospects of not wearing 23 layers of clothing.

I. Love. It.

Wonderful run this morning. My itouch got a little sick, so it didn't record the number of miles I ran... although it did chirp in my ear things along the lines of, "You've run 0 miles. Time 1 hour, 24 minutes, 4 seconds. Pace 8:32". Uhhh, thanks itouch. The route I intended on running was still pretty frozen and slick, so I had to backtrack and do some laps around the golf course community (it is one of my favorite spots to run that is super close to my house). I came home and mapped it out using the USA Track and Field website - 9.5 miles, half a mile more than I was supposed to, so I'm pleased. Afterwards, I came home, collected the pups, and took them on a cool down walk. Even though the weather is perfect for running, I still put their coats on them because they are wimpy dogs. I left with two clean dogs and came back with mud speckled animals. Luckily, they are both great with standing while their feet and bellies get cleaned. It's times like these that I'm glad I was a crazy mom when Jazz was just a wee puppy. I constantly played with her feet, trimmed her tiny nails, looked at her ears, eyes, mouth, nose, etc. It has made her very accustomed to being handled and perfect for "bring your dog to school days" for various labs. She is always fantastic for those labs and has been to physical exam lab, ophthalmology lab, and anatomy/orthopedic lab and gets a little scared, so she makes the perfect statue and gets rewarded with treats and attention!

Anyway, I have a 12 miler next Sunday - and I'm getting super psyched for the marathon. For a little while, I sort of forgot I was running and was lost in my own thoughts about my perfect race outfit and all the things I will want to buy next weekend at Body & Sole's Women's Night. If you live near Champaign-Urbana - the running store has a women's night every year in preparation for the Illinois marathon and you get some neat free stuff, get your name in the raffle for more neat stuff, and get 20% off everything in the store - neat stuff! Last year I won a Saucony backpack, so that was very cool and the nutritionist that talked to us was helpful and I learned a lot.

We have a large animal surgery exam tomorrow... that neither KJ nor I have studied for... so I'll have to get on that soon... luckily this is the last one for a little while and we can relax and plan this upcoming wedding! KJ just mentioned dollar sushi for tonight's dinner - I. Am. So. Excited. Dollar sushi is amazing. They take their semi-expensive rolls and sell it by the individual piece - everything is a dollar. This way, you get to try a little of everything and get more of what you like without spending a fortune on the full sushi rolls. I still end up spending 20+ dollars, but it is totally worth it!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day (aside from having to study, of course...)! I wish more stores has special nights like the running store. And nothing beats dollar sushi. Nothing ;)