Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exciting news! And more to come!

I applied for the Pfizer Animal Health Veterinary Scholarship months ago, and today I found out that I was awarded it! It is for $2500, which will definitely go a long way! I was so bummed when the scholarship awards were distributed because I applied for a lot of them this year and didn't get anything. This definitely makes up for it!

Also, stay tuned for some very exciting news tomorrow at Two Pitties in the City.

I am slowly recovering from the nasty cold I've had for the past couple of weeks - I was able to run 6 miles (very slowly) on Tuesday and 9 miles (also kind of slowly) today. Since I am still recovering, I'm holding off on my long run until Sunday morning - they are calling for "54 degrees, cloudy, chance for rain", so I'll take my chances and cross my fingers that the rain holds out because 18 miles won't be fun in a downpour. I'll take a little light sprinkle though! I used to love rainy runs.

I'm also nursing a very mildly tweaked ankle from... tug-o-war. Yep, it is Vet Med Olympics time and KJ, our friend JW, and myself were our class's team captains for tug-o-war. Yesterday, we competed against each other within our respective classes and it was the longest, most difficult tug-o-war game I have ever experienced. EVER. It was minutes long - and my abs and back are killing me today. Plus, I rolled an ankle trying to dig into the grassy field during those tortuous minutes. We went up against the other classes and faculty today and won the "championship" - much easier than yesterday's match up, by the way - it just shows how awesome we are. I'm not competing in the other events - football, volleyball, softball, dodgeball, or basketball because I didn't want to hurt myself (I tend to overexert and injure myself quite frequently - I'm a huge klutz) and I ended up getting hurt in TUG-O-WAR! How ridiculous :) The culminating event of the week is the barcrawl on Saturday - it will definitely be great time!

Any other vet schools have fun events like this?


  1. We have Olympics at our annual "Testicle Festival". It is an awesome afternoon of competitive games followed by a fun night of beer and fried testicles! We Iowans are so classy!!! :)

  2. We have Testicle Festival (T-Fest) too! I love the idea of combining the two into one day - that sounds awesome!

  3. We have a giant blow-up obstacle course at the end of the year for first-years, last year I nearly cracked my neck diving headfirst into the course in an overzealous attempt at beating my opponent (we do it race-style). Another guy actually tripped and split his forehead open. :\