Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday Morning Crazies. Part 1.

I LOVE working on Saturday mornings. I have worked every Saturday morning since third year started, minus two - 1. I ran a half marathon and 2. I visited my undergrad for the alum swim meet. I'm completely, dead serious. I love it. Do you know why? Because I love crazy people. Some people get frustrated with the crazies, some people get angry and curse the crazies... but me? No, I embrace them. "Oh, Mrs. Nutter! We have a cancellation this morning! Please bring your mini-poodle-mutt and even tinier chihuahua-land-shark for vaccines! I know we have a lot of openings later in the week like you requested, but today is the perfect day to come in and entertain me!" I just like the interactions with these folks. It really makes the morning exciting and something to look forward to in the coming hours.

For example, Mrs. Forget-Me-Not came in with her 65 year old cat that weighs about 2 ounces and is literally dying in front of her. It sounds like this will be a sad story, but the cat is still alive as far as I know and the docs have recommended many, many times to euthanize the cat because he isn't eating and cries when he walks. Yes, I feel awful for the cat, but that's not the point of the story. She was sitting in the waiting room while KJ and I were talking in the pharmacy around the corner with his mom. Mrs. F-M-N starts talking about "the owner and her son and his fiance". She asks the girls about us and how far we are in school and how she spent her last visit talking to the "owner's son's fiance" all about vet school and life in general. The girls say my name and she agrees with them and "yes, thats the girl I talked to". She keeps talking for awhile, and I finally come out because I've heard my name 20+ times at this point. I say hi to her and smile and she says, "I was just talking to the girls about HP and KJ, what a lucky couple they are to have each other and be in school together!" I must have looked confused but without even thinking, I blurted out, "but I'M HP". Then she looked VERY confused and didn't say anything for a few seconds and asked, "So how's school, how far along are you?" Whaaaaat? No... no, no, crazy lady, I've never seen you before and you obviously have no idea who I am, so I'm not sure which other HP you previously talked to, because I'm the only female that works there that is currently in school.

YES! Crazy person interaction 1!

Later in the morning, I was holding a sweet little 6 pound mixed breed with bat ears (very, very sweet by the way - she fell asleep in my arms while future mom-in-law doc drew up vaccines) for a blood draw. Her owner, Mrs. In-Your-Face, was holding her poodle mix (whose blood we'd already drawn) like a baby and put her face within a millimeter of Sweet Bat Dog that I was holding. First of all, I'm not big on needing personal space and I don't get claustrophobic, but this lady was basically standing in my shoes and leaning on me while I held sweet bat dog. I mean, that's further than I've gone with some first dates. I rolled the vein, KJ's mom got ready to draw blood and said "I'm a little uncomfortable with the fact that your face is touching your dogs while I'm about to take blood." Mrs. I-Y-F doesn't move, and while gazing lovingly into Sweet Bat Dogs eyes, says "Oh no, Sweet Bat Dog doesn't bite."

KJ's mom: You know, I've seen plenty of nice dogs snap when getting their blood drawn - I've even seen someone get bitten right on the nose standing exactly where you are standing.
Mrs. I-Y-F: Its okay, Sweet Bat Dog won't bite, I'm not worried.
KJ's mom: I can't draw blood with you standing this close. Really.

Yes, YES, YESSS! Crazy person interaction 2! A two-fer in a four hour work day = SUCCESS.

Really Mrs. In-Your-Face? I get you love your dog, and now you love me too judging by your proximity, but maybe for the 20 seconds it takes to get blood, you could just back off and avoid having your nose bitten off? I swear, you can have your dog back and you can make kissy faces all you want as soon as we're done.

I can't wait to spend 90% of my waking hours next year after graduation actually working instead of being in school. I know I'll get frustrated, and my love of crazies may wane a bit, but I hope I never lose my love of crazy people. Ever.

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