Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We (YOU!) did it!

$2000 dollars - and you did it! We reached our goal of raising money for cataract surgery for Shy/Khloe! How amazing is this? How incredibly generous are you? I am in shock. I honestly never imagined that you, the animal lovers of the world, would embrace this sweet girl and take her into your hearts. She has come a long way - and through all of your help, donations, and suggestions - you helped find her a home and (fingers crossed) you helped give her sight back.

I will be speaking with our ophthalmologist today about how to set up a surgery date (YAYYYYY) and what needs to be done beforehand. KJ actually has Ophthalmology as his first clinical rotation (starting April 25th), which would coincide very well with Shy/Khloe's potential surgery day (since she needs to be on antibiotics for 30 days prior). That way, he'll be around to see her treatment firsthand and hopefully get to see a neat surgery on a dog that he helped save. And, of course, love on her a little bit when he has a chance. Since I am off for the first two weeks, hopefully I can sneak in and see her too during that time. I unfortunately do not have my ophtho rotation until a year from now... so that is completely out of the question for me!

Congratulations everyone! Thank you for your love and generosity and I will definitely take some before and after pictures of her as it comes closer to surgery time so you can actually SEE what a difference we made!

Side note - spring break is in TWO DAYS! My friends and I are going to St. Louis for a few days. KJ and I have engagement photos on Tuesday, Mom and I are doing wedding stuff Wednesday and Thursday, and I'll probably go riding Friday (in my new boots from KJ for valentine's day!). BUSY BUSY!

Until then, enjoy some funny and adorable pictures of my fur kids.

Pacino being awkward... how did he get my sports bra on?

My beautiful, precious girl.

Mystique and me - one of my favorite ponies.

The pups after an afternoon at the farm.

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  1. Good for you, that's amazing you raised the money! Your spring break sounds awesome, enjoy the time off! I'm at my parents' house now, and it's a tad bit more boring than anticipated... but still a welcome break from the rigors of school :)