Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I think my fish finally died.

Marley, our dear clearance fish, has been "floating in limbo" for the last few months. So, we diagnosed him with a swim bladder problem with a secondary ick infection... I use the term "diagnose" very, very loosely :) He's been hanging vertically at the water line for a few months - but he'd occasionally eat and sometimes I'd find him swimming at the bottom, so I'm not entirely sure what his major malfunction was. Anyway, he stopped eating a long time ago, although I continued to pour food in the tank, semi-thinking that he might scour the bottom for food when we weren't home. The cats even lost interest in him since he pretty much quit swimming altogether. Every morning I tap on the tank to see if he flinches - he always does, so I know that he is alive. KJ and I considered "euthanizing" him... but 1. we thought it was weird because he is a fish, and 2. neither of us wanted to do it, and 3. we thought flushing him down the toliet was cruel, even in his half comatose state.

This morning, he was upside down floating at the bottom. I did my usual tap good morning - nothing. I did it again this afternoon - nothing. So, I officially call the day of death as today. RIP Marley, you were the greatest free fish we've ever had (the lady who sold us him at Meijer was too lazy to find out a price, so he officially became Marley, clearance fishie).

We're not too broken up about his passing - KJ just said, "oh yea?" when I told him I thought Marley had died. I tried to break it gently to the dogs and cats that one of their own had passed and I got a lot of blank stares, so I think they'll be okay. I think KJ wants more fish, maybe more than one at a time this time around, so the cats will be pretty pumped once they figure that out. After all, they didn't realize Marley was even there for the first year. Our animals aren't the brightest group of cats and dogs, but thats why I love them.

Also, Jazz's collar from Collar Mania came in the mail today - its a pink Burberry knock off pattern and SUPER CUTE, but I just put Revolution on them, so I'll take a picture once that dries :) I also need to order new tags, since her Boomerang collar tag won't fit on this new collar... I love buying new dog tags! I used to buy new ones every month from PetSmart, because Jazz loved to chew on metal when she was a pup (I told you they weren't bright animals...) and she was so flexible that she could chew on her own tags... Brilliant!

I also need to start looking for collars or something special for the dogs to wear in the wedding. We have a flower dog and canine ring bearer so they need to look GOOD! Any ideas?


  1. Can't go wrong with 8 bazillion Swarovski crystals!!

  2. Have you seen Pecan Pie puppies on Etsy has flower collars for girls and bowties for boys? I think the come matching.