Monday, March 7, 2011

Hypothyroid... Or Not.

Ben is not hypothyroid. This is good and bad for a couple of reasons.

1. This proves he really is that mentally dull and it isn't due to a metabolic disorder.
2. He doesn't have to be on real life-long meds yet (but he is on diphenhydramine BID due to skin issues and having a Grade 2 mast cell tumor removed last year).
3. When he acts like he wants to play at the farm and refuses to walk down the hill, we will actually have to get mad at him instead of blaming an unknown disease.

We actually found out the results of the test last week, but last night I found this blog and I started crying because I was laughing so hard - Hyperbole and a Half. Check it out - you'll cry too if you have dogs like mine.

So, we now have a "slow" dog (Ben) and an actual mentally retarded dog (Jasmine). Excuse my political incorrectness, but in light of this new blog that I found, I will be using this terminology to describe Jasmine. Its like the blogger wrote it about Jasmine. The cartoon even looks like Jasmine.


Oh Jazz, I love you to death and I wouldn't change anything about you. Even if you are damn near impossible to train. I am just a bad owner and need to learn not leave my backpack on the floor so you can eat cough drops... and jolly ranchers... and blowpops... and my entire lunch... and the fortune cookie that I really wanted to each today... and the empty girl scout cookie box. Jazz recently learned how to open my backpack and lunchbox, so it is always interesting to come home and see what she has gotten into... I really need to learn to put EVERYTHING I OWN in my office and that NOTHING IS SAFE in the living room.

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