Saturday, March 12, 2011

VetPrep and Shy/Khloe

Months ago, my class was sent an email about applying to be the VetPrep student rep. If you got the position, you got a free subscription to VetPrep and a few minor responsibilities - worth at least $269. I finally got an email today asking if I wanted to accept position. Maybe I was the only one to apply, maybe not - but I get a free VetPrep subscription which is AMAZING and saves me $269 of my own money! I'm pretty pumped about this one - for those not in the know, VetPrep is a very popular online study tool for the NAVLE (our version of a national board exam). I know many, many of the fourth years used it to study this year and all recommended it, so that is at least some money saved toward actually paying to take the pricey exam.

Also, I found out from the hospital yesterday that I qualify for 100% coverage for all of my summer medical bills (shattered finger, had a plate and screws put in, rehab). That situation cost a pretty $3000 out of pocket (and insurance covered A LOT), so that is LOVELY, LOVELY news.

Also, we started the online raffle to (hopefully) raise the rest of the money for Shy/Khloe's surgery. I'm constantly impressed by animal people. They are incredibly generous, selfless individuals - words cannot express my gratitude toward all of those donors and all those involved in the raffle set-up. I hope to one day return the favor.

Information about the raffle can be found at Two Pitties in the City.

If you are interested in donating and being entered into the raffle, please visit the ChipIn page for Shy/Khloe.
ChipIn Page.

I spoke with our Ophthalmologist about Shy/Khloe and he recommended a 30 day pre-op antibiotic - I'm tempted to try to start her on it, but I refuse until we hit the goal. I'm thinking positively, but I don't want to count my chickens if you know what I mean. I can't wait to finally announce that the goal has been reached and for the pretty girl to have vision again so she can clearly see her new world and family.

89% of the way there!

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  1. Start that antibiotic! WooT for saving money and raising money - glad to have been a part of Khloe's new life :)